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MiTeGen InSitu-01 Crystallization Plate- Pack of 40

Rigaku UV+Low Profile Microplate
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MiTeGen InSitu-01 Crystallization Plate- Pack of 40
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                                            Description for  MiTeGen InSitu-01 Crystallization Plate- Pack of 40

  • 96 Well
  • ANSI/SBS Format
  • Low Profile
  • Sitting OR Hanging Drop
  • Low Birefringence
  • 40 µl reservior
  • Multiple drops 0.2–2 µl

Three Key Features

Not found in any other line of crystallization plates

Thin COC Film

A thin COC film gives you excellent transparency for better diffraction data when using either X–ray or UV light. Compare the following to see the difference:

MiTeGen Thin COC Film In Situ–1™

Competitive COC plates for In Situ


  • Allow vapor evaporation between reservoir and protein wells
  • Strongly inhibits fluid transfer between protein and reservoir wells
  • Plates can be rotated to any orientation without liquid transfer out of the reservoir


The reservoir wells contain special ledges that:

  • Force fluid into the reservoir, ensuring uniform well–filling for larger reservoir volumes in a low profile plate
  • Keep fluid away from your top sealing film
  • More fluid in a shorter reservoir
  • Inhibits transfer out of the reservoir well during rough handling and tipping


The dual–action of the micro–channels and micro–ledges makes In Situ–1 plates capable of being shipped long distance with no cross–contamination of fluid from the reservoirs to the protein growth areas.

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