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CompactClover Plates - Case of 50

CompactClover Plates - Case of 50

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CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250Crystallization Plates (XPT)

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The CombiClover 4 Chamber Crystallization plate utilizes four partitioned reservoir chambers in the place of one central reservoir. These four partitioned chambers are each connected to a satellite drop chamber via dedicated vapor diffusion channels to create a variation of the novel combinatorial "crystallization clover" provided in the plates. Each plate has 24 of the partitioned reservoirs and 96 flat-bottom sitting drop chambers. This design allows four different experiments to be conducted in each clover, with each portion containing a different crystallany, and allowing them to be investigated simultaneously.

-Plate dimensions are 112.0mm x 165.0mm x 24.0mm

-The capacity of each of the four partitioned areas of the reservoir is 250 microliters

-The satellite drop chamber volume is 50 microliters.



This product was formerly called CompactClover

CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250 Pack of 10 Plates
CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250 Pack of 10 Plates
In stock
Price: $90.00 

CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250 Pack of 40 Plates
CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250 Pack of 40 Plates
In stock
Price: $360.00 


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