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Wizard Precipitant Synergy crystallization screen

Precipitant Synergy

Precipitant Synergy

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Discover more protein crystallization hits with this unique screen by employing synergistic effects of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents (salts, organic solvents, polyethylene glycols, additives, pH). The Wizard Precipitant Synergy crystallization consists of 192 formulations, to be used for initial protein crystallization screening and crystallization optimization. The application of this screen is advised in particular for protein targets that have failed to yield hits with traditional random sparse matrix crystallization approaches.


Wizard Precipitant Synergy MSDS

Wizard Precipitant Synergy Poster

Wizard Precipitant Synergy tubes technical sheet

Wizard Precipitant Synergy block technical sheet

Wizard Precipitant Synergy block 2 technical sheet




Wizard Precipitant Synergy - Tubes
In stock
Precipitant Synergy

The Precipitant Synergy Protein Crystallization Screen Kit contains 192 distinct Precipitant Synergy protein crystallization formulations.

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Price: $1,795.00 
Wizard Precipitant Synergy - 96-Well Matrix Block
In stock
Precipitant Synergy

192 formulations, 1.7 mL volumes in two 96 well block plates.

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Price: $495.00 

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