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Lysozyme Crystallization Kit
The lysozyme crystallization kit contains everything you need to grow well-diffracting crystals. Lysozyme kits are useful for instrument calibration as well as teaching and are easily portable to synchrotrons or other labs for quick setup. Crystals usually result within 24 hours. 
Compact 300 Crystallization Plates (XJR)

The Compact 300 Crystallization plate utilizes our patented sitting drop well design and vapor diffusion channel. This plate has 96 reservoirs with 96 drop chambers.

-Plate dimensions are 85.5mm x 127.8mm x 14.4mm

-Plates are compatible with SBS (Society for Biomolecular Screening) standard laboratory automated instrumentation.

-Drop chambers are 9mm apart in both horizontal and vertical directions for eay use with multi-channel pipettors.

-The reservoir volume is 300 microliters.

-The drop chamber volume is 6 microliters.


This product was formerly called Compact Jr.

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