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Lysozyme Crystallization Kit
The lysozyme crystallization kit contains everything you need to grow well-diffracting crystals. Lysozyme kits are useful for instrument calibration as well as teaching and are easily portable to synchrotrons or other labs for quick setup. Crystals usually result within 24 hours. 
Crystal Mounting
JCSG crystallization screen series

The Joint Center for Structural Genomics formatted the JCSG Core Suite screens as a result of analyzing over 500,000 high-throughput crystallization experiments, performed at the JCSG. The 384 crystallization formulations were selected based on the highest hit rates in initial screening.

The Wizard JCSG+™ 96 well block plate sparse matrix protein crystallization screen is designed for coarse screening of initial crystallization and solubility conditions for biological macromolecules. Researchers from the Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG) formulated this screen with the goal of maximizing the coverage of the crystallization parameter space (buffers, salts, precipitants, and pH) and eliminating redundancy. The buffers give final solution pHs between 4.2 and 10.5. Precipitants include volatile reagents such as ethanol, high molecular weight polymers such as PEG-8000, and salts such as ammonium sulfate.


Wizard JCSG+ block screen technical sheet

Wizard JCSG+ tube screen technical sheet


JCSG Core Suite 1 screen technical sheet

JCSG Core Suite 2 screen technical sheet

JCSG Core Suite 3 screen technical sheet

JCSG Core Suite 4 screen technical sheet

JCSG Top96 screen technical sheet

JCSG Top96 Cryo screen technical sheet

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